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Bum stories!

One night Fred and I were walking around downtown Royal Oak when we saw this drunk bum staggering twords us. I said a silent prayer to God asking him not to let the bum bother us. I guess God was too busy because that bum marched right up to us and asked us for, "a couple of bucks." Not only only did he smell of booze but his face was bleeding but he was so drunk he didn't seem to notice. I thought it was rude to ask for, "a couple of bucks." Asking for spare change or a dollar is cool for asking for more is rude.

Fred only had big bills so I quickly pulled out a dollar just so the booze hound would leave us alone and stop touching Fred. Then the drunk, bleeding bum hugged me and I let out a childish wimper.

Fred and I promptly drove back to St. Clair Shores and burned the clothes i was wearing.

Post your bum stories so we can all laugh together and if you're an asshole post your encounters with retards stories so we can laugh harder.
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